Wash It Detergent-Less Laundry System Review

Special Offer Wash It Detergent-Less Laundry System Review

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Product Description Review

Wash It is made in the USA and is designed to produce clean, soft, fresh scented laundry without the use of any detergents, bleach or fabric softners. This detergent-less laundry solution works with your household washing machine to infuse cold water with powerful oxidizers – deep cleaning your laundry like never before. Since you’ll no longer use toxic chemical products with every load; it will save you money while protecting the health of your family and the environment. Every year, families spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. With this detergent-less laundry solution, you eliminate the need for all these products to clean your laundry. In fact, it will clean just as effectively! Add to that the fact that Wash It needs no hot water, which saves you money in energy costs. Your clothes last longer because you are not using any harsh chemicals to clean laundry, saving you money once again. It is compact and built with convenience in mind, without sacrificing the quality! It is easy to install – typical installation takes about 10-15 minutes using basic tools. The Wash It only uses a tiny amount of electricity, less than the average light bulb, and only uses it when your washing machine calls for cold water. With all of these savings your new Wash It detergent-free laundry system will pay for itself in no time! Some of the most respected hospitals and hotels in the world have been utilizing the science behind the Wash It Detergent-Less Laundry Solution for years to effectively clean their laundry. Now it’s time for you to discover the benefits of this technology for yourself!

Product Features Review

  • 3 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Wash It uses an advance oxidization system (identical to the systems used by many hospitals and hotels for the last 20 years)
  • It requires no detergent, bleach, or other chemicals to clean soiled clothes normally
  • No hot water is necessary
  • Wash It has an estimated life span of more than a decade!

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Special Offer Wash It Detergent-Less Laundry System Review

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